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England news

Muller: Too many 'alpha males'

July 1, 2010
By Soccernet staff

Germany's Thomas Muller has hit out at England's preparations for last Sunday's World Cup second round tie, saying there were "too many chiefs and not enough Indians".

Thomas Muller: Most goals and assists for Germany
GettyImagesThomas Muller: Most goals and assists for Germany

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"England have so many top stars in their squad that they will always be part and parcel of the international football scene," Muller said. "But there are so many 'alpha males' in their squad.

"It's difficult to have so many alpha males and have them row in the same direction. You don't only need chiefs. You also need a few Indians. You need people who are ready and willing to do the hard work.

Muller, whose two goals helped sink England in Bloemfontein, added: "It may be a problem with England that players are simply not mentally prepared to go that extra mile for their team-mates."