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North Korea news

North Korea to keep faith with players

June 24, 2010
By Soccernet staff

North Korea coach Kim Jong-Hun intends to keep faith with the players thrashed by Portugal for his side's final World Cup game against Ivory Coast.

GettyImagesKim Jong-Hun: Proud of his side.

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The North Koreans are hoping to restore some pride after their 7-0 hammering on Monday as they bow out of the tournament after two defeats and Kim is backing his players to deliver a good performance in Nelspruit.

''The result of the Portugal game was not that good but I do not think that means major changes are necessary,'' he said. ''There will not be major changes. We will continue in the same way we have done until now.

''If need to we will substitute players but we will look at the way our players are playing and conduct a normal game.''

North Korea began the tournament positively by frustrating Brazil in a commendable 2-1 loss to one of the favourites, but that all unravelled at the hands of the Portuguese in Cape Town, but Kim claims the players have overcome the mauling.

''If results are good, confidence levels go up,'' he said. ''If they are not good then, psychologically, for a certain period of time, they are going to be affected. It is the same for all teams.

''We did concede a lot of goals but we are going to fight hard in our next game. It will be a way for us to redeem ourselves and we will try to restore our honour. We have restored our confidence levels.''