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England news

Redknapp unimpressed by Rooney

June 23, 2010
By Soccernet staff

Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp said he would not sign Wayne Rooney for £1.5 million based on his England performance against Algeria.

Wayne Rooney
GettyImagesWayne Rooney cut a frustrated figure against Algeria

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Rooney was widely criticised for his showing on Friday, with Fabio Capello admitting the striker "lost a lot of balls and a lot of passes" and suggesting he was struggling with the pressure.

Redknapp said in the Sun: "If I'd asked you to go and watch Rooney on Friday, say he was available and I could get him for £1.5 million, you would have come back and said: 'Nah, you can't take him - he's not good enough'. If you didn't know it was Wayne Rooney, you would have thought he was a poor player."

Redknapp also believes Capello is failing to get the best out of Steven Gerrard. The captain put in an impressive showing in the opening game against USA from a central position, but he was disappointing when played on the left against Algeria.

"You have to play people in their best positions," Redknapp said. "Gerrard is a central midfield player. Play him off of Rooney, get him in the middle. The one thing you wouldn't want to do is play him wide left. The balance is wrong."