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New Zealand news

Rory Fallon bemoans security levels

June 11, 2010
By Soccernet staff

New Zealand striker Rory Fallon has said heavy security is preventing teams getting close to the locals and tarnishing the World Cup experience for many of those taking part.

Rory Fallon
GettyImagesNew Zealand have trained under high security in South Africa.

"We can't get to see the local people because of terror fears," he wrote in a column in the Daily Mail. "We had about 200 kids at training on Monday night and there are always people waiting for us or waving to us on the bus. We want to get out there and sign autographs but can't because security is so tight.

"There are armed guards on the bus whenever we go to training, armoured cars in front and behind, and some machine guns on display. We can't even go to meals on our golf buggies."

Fallon said everyone understood the reasons for the measures but added: "There's an Aids orphanage out here that I want to visit to show my support … hopefully, I can sort out the logistics but we are not really supposed to leave the main complex."

He added that the security contingent had to intervene when a training match at their base against Serbia got slightly out of hand.

"Their fans went nuts. They threw coins, flares and a massive Jack Daniel's whisky bottle on to the pitch. Some supporters got on too so the riot squad had to get involved. We weren't really frightened because, from our place on the halfway line we could bolt for the tunnel if we had to.

"Nemanja Vidic got the microphone and calmed things down, but it made English crowds look pretty tame. That didn't stop us enjoying a 1-0 win against the world's 15th best team though."