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North Korea news

North Korea faces TV blackout

June 10, 2010
By Soccernet staff

South Korea are reportedly refusing to provide North Korea with TV coverage of the World Cup as political tensions between the two countries continue to simmer.

Jong Tae-Se
GettyImagesNorth Korean fans will not be able to see Jong Tae-Se in action

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In 2006 South Korea supplied coverage for free, but that was during a period of rapprochement. However, following the sinking of a South Korean ship by a North Korean submarine, the situation now is very different and the South Koreans are demanding payment for any feed which the cash-strapped North cannot - or will not - pay.

"Talks have made little progress, especially after the sinking," a spokesman for the South Korean broadcaster told AFP." Now we cannot bring the talks to a conclusion in time for the cup."

Relations are so bad that when the North Korean team management found out that a FIFA translator provided to help them with the media was from the South he was immediately banned from their camp.