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June 3, 2010

North Korea striker to play as 'keeper

By Soccernet staff

FIFA has confirmed North Korea will only be able to play striker Kim Myong-Won as a goalkeeper at this summer's World Cup.

Kim Myong-Won, Ri Chol-Myong
GettyImagesKim Myong-Won: Listed as 'absent'

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North Korea named Kim, who plays as a striker for Amrokgang, as one of their goalkeepers as they looked to boost their attacking options, relying on just two shot-stoppers for the tournament.

However, the World Cup Regulations state that "each association will be required to provide FIFA with a final list of no more than 23 players (three of whom shall be goalkeepers)".

FIFA has now told the country they will not be allowed to use Kim as an outfield player and, unless there is an injury, no changes will be permitted to their final squad.

When contacted by Soccernet, FIFA provided the following statement: "The squad lists that the teams had provided to FIFA by June 1, 2010 are final and can no longer be changed. On the final lists must be no more than 23 players, three of whom shall be goalkeepers.

"The only exception is in the case of a serious injury of a player in the list of 23, who could be replaced up until 24 hours before the first match of the team in the competition.

"The three players listed as goalkeepers can only play as goalkeepers during the FIFA World Cup and cannot play outfield. This will be communicated to the teams in the team arrival meetings and will be enforced on match days.

"So to answer the question regarding the North Korean player concretely: Kim Myong-Won will not be allowed to play as an outfield player if he has been put on the list as a goalkeeper."