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May 25, 2010

Knee injury rules Meghni out for Algeria

Algeria midfielder Mourad Meghni has been ruled out of the World Cup with a knee injury.

Mourad Meghni will miss the finals
GettyImages / IssoufSanogoMourad Meghni will miss the finals

Meghni is now set to undergo surgery to fix the problem with the news coming after a meeting with the medical team, including doctor Hakim Chalabi, coach Rabah Saadane and Mohamed Raouraoua, the president of the Algeria Football Federation (FAF).

Speaking to television station Arryadia immediately after the announcement, Meghni said: "I'm very sad about this. I've been fighting this injury for months but it didn't heal properly. It would have been risky for me to play and things could have gotten even worse.

"The decision was taken and I need to accept it. The doctors know what they're doing and they gave their final say on the matter.''

Meghni said he still felt part of the team and wished the players all the best for the tournament. He added: "The manner in which I was informed about it and the sadness on the face of the FAF president somehow comforts me a bit because it showed me that I'm in a family.

"My team-mates also shared my sadness with me. Things didn't work out, I have to accept this. I'm definitely sad but life goes on and I hope that the team makes it to the second round.''