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south africa 2010

Interpol consulted on World Cup finals security

March 13, 2009

World Cup 2010 organisers are working with Interpol to protect South Africa from a repeat of the recent terrorist attacks on cricketers in Pakistan.

Danny Jordaan, chief executive of the tournament, has insisted there will be total safety for next year's event.

"If I have 100% of the information of where you stay and where you eat I can guarantee safety,'' he said. "These were unfortunate events (in Pakistan). For any major event you have to work with security establishments such as Interpol, we have done that and have also been to the last World Cup and the Beijing Olympics.

"There needs to be strong international co-operation and we are working with international partners. We have to review and update given the world we live in.

"In the cities there will surveillance cameras and all the major routes will be monitored on a 24-hour basis.''

He added: "You have to generally brief people not to stray off, when they do they go to places you normally shouldn't be. You need to give people good information.''

Jordaan, meanwhile, backed England's bid to host the 2018 tournament.

He added: "I think England have an excellent chance. There are two steps, meeting the FIFA requirements and then getting the votes because if you don't get the majority you're not going to host.

"For a starting position England should be considered one of the favourites but this is the beginning of the race and what happens in the race is something you have to take into account.''

David Beckham could play an important role in England's bid.

Jordaan will look to tap into Beckham's "brand'' before the 2010 tournament and has promised to honour him if he equals the record for the most England caps.

The 33-year-old midfielder is 17 appearances away from Peter Shilton's 125 landmark and could reach the target if England qualify and progress in next year's World Cup.

Former South Africa president Nelson Mandela may be asked to host a ceremony if Beckham does reach the milestone.

"I will discuss it with Mandela,'' said Jordaan. "He (Beckham) is a great role model and we look forward to having him in our country.''