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World Cup 2010 -- Opening Ceremonies

10 Photos
  • Photo 1Soccer City Kickoff

    Dancers perform during the opening ceremonies for the World Cup on Friday, June 11, 2010, at Soccer City Stadium in Johannesburg.

    Photo 2Going Bananas for Bafana Bafana

    A South Africa fan is fired up for the World Cup, displaying host country pride during the opening ceremonies.

    Photo 3Quickening Pulse

    Drummers beat the rhythm as anticipation builds for the opening match between host South Africa and Mexico.

    Photo 4Jump! Jump!

    Dancers in traditional costumes boost the World Cup experience with a local spin.

  • Photo 5Blanket Coverage

    The electrifying spectacle of the opening ceremonies portends a World Cup full of color, music and joy.

    Photo 6It's the Beetle!

    A huge bug leads a procession of dancers during the opening ceremonies.

    Photo 7Zakumi's Dream

    World Cup mascot Zakumi walks and talks with a young fan during the opening ceremonies.

    Photo 8Sky-high Hopes

    Aerobatic planes fly above the Soccer City Stadium field on Day 1 of the World Cup.

  • Photo 9True Colors

    Entertainers personify the excitement emanating from South Africa.

    Photo 10Here and Now

    Dancers create a map of South Africa as soccer fans everywhere tune in for the Beautiful Game's opening match at the World Cup.