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Grudges are held in Africa, too

Tuesday, July 6, 2010
Jul 06

Posted by Luke Cyphers

CAPE TOWN, South Africa -- In Africa, apparently, they will long remember Luis Suarez and his reaction to his game-saving handball that allowed Uruguay to beat Ghana in a World Cup quarterfinal. This column is just a wee bit disturbing.

QUOTE: "Well, I just thought I would inform that chap that back here in Africa, we do not let individuals that cheat us of a victory we believe we have fought hard and fairly for get away scot-free. We do not say too much either, we simply act.

"And so if, when he gets home to Uruguay, Suarez begins to see strange things happen around him, he should not be surprised. If he finds his stomach suddenly swelling to thrice its size with sounds of vuvuzelas ringing from inside it, or that his arms that he used to cheat us will not stop twitching, or even that each time he takes to the soccer field he sees a lion charging at him whenever a ball is passed to him, he should think of Africa. If his cat begins to bark and Zulu comes from his mouth anytime he tries to speak, he should know that back here in Africa we have decided to sort things out like only we know how. What happens will depend on who may be 'dealing with him' at a particular point."

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