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Bring on the video replay: Federer

Monday, June 28, 2010
Jun 28

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Transcript from today's Wimbledon news conference:

Question: Yesterday, this country and the sports world were shocked by some problematic officiating, and there were very loud calls for electronic officiating. Could you talk about how electronic officiating has evolved in our sport, and would you call for it in soccer, especially at the goal line?

Roger Federer: Have to be careful. Who is the head of the FIFA? I don't remember. Is he a Swiss guy by any chance (smiling)?

We have, what is it, electronic line calling even though we don't need it. We all know we don't, but we do have it. They should have it, and they don't. So it's a choice the guys have to make at the top, you know.

I do struggle a little bit with soccer at the time because there's so many mistakes from umpires. Don't blame them. They're so far away sometimes from what's happening, and then also so many goals are disallowed that are goals and others are not counted that would be goals. It's frustrating as a fan.

You just hope that all those things go for you when you're in this kind of a stage of a tournament. They could have been sent home just because of that single mistake, and it's incredible.

I think it's rough, you know. To me it seems like it's just crying for a change, a bit.

Question: In our sport, you feel it is best just to leave it in the hands of the linesmen and the chair umpire?

Roger Federer: Well, you have to understand, one forehand down the line doesn't change the outcome of the match, whereas one goal changes the entire mindset of a team, of a strategy. You know, you can play defense after that.

Tennis, we don't have that. Guys are sitting there, not moving. They're only staring at the line. It's so much more simple. It's going to even out throughout a career or a season, the good and bad calls.

Whereas goals, I mean, it's such a huge impact in those 90 minutes. It changes everything. That's why they have it in American football, right? They have challenges you can do. I mean, there's so many ways of trying to adjust the system.

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