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Ol' Boris likes to offer up his opinion

Saturday, June 26, 2010
Jun 26

Posted by Paul Grant

JOHANNESBURG -- This will astound and amaze you, but tennis legend and notorious wallflower Boris Becker has gone out on a limb and chosen Germany to beat England. If you don't have the sarcasm font on your computer, let me say that Becker is from Germany.

Among the things that the Grand Slam champion had to say in his column for the Daily Telegraph:

"I think there's more pressure on the England players because the core of the team won't play in four years' time. By 2014, they are going to be too old. They are called the golden generation and yet they haven't won a big championship. They know that it's now or never for them at the World Cup."

And here's another harpoon across the bow:

"I think now the cards are new. Germany expects the team to go far, and Germany expects the team to beat England."

Do they have bulletin boards in the dressing rooms of soccer stadiums?

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