Premier League

November 3, 2012



0 - 1


Premier League

15:00 +00:00, November 3, 2012

White Hart Lane, England

AVB: Wigan defeat was Spurs' worst performance of season

Andre Villas-Boas admits his team put on their worst performance of the season as Tottenham slumped to a shock 1-0 defeat to strugglers Wigan at White Hart Lane.

"It was maybe our worst performance of the season," said Villas-Boas, who saw his team booed off against Norwich and West Brom earlier in the campaign. "We didn't manage to keep the ball or pass well. We couldn't recognise ourselves today.

"Wigan were superior. Our chances weren't clear cut. There are various reason why we played like this. The opponents were sharp and aggressive. We kept making mistakes. We played more with the heart rather than the head.''

"We understand that they can show their frustrations. We don't do things to punish them or for the fans to show revolt. We do things for the benefit of the team.

"They want the win, but we want the win as much as them. We respect them."

Villas-Boas also said he had spoken to Jermain Defoe about the reasons he chose to substitute the England international striker when Tottenham were in need of a goal.

"We (Villas-Boas and Defoe) spoke briefly afterwards,'' the Spurs boss said. "It was obviously disappointing for him to come off since he has been on a good goal-scoring run, but the team is also important.

"We don't make the change to punish him. We make the change to improve things." Roberto Martinez, meanwhile, was proud of Wigan's performance.

"Many people watching will say Spurs had a bad day, but I wouldn't agree with that at all," Martinez said. "We had to work very hard today. We were brave, we stopped Spurs from playing and we played high up.

"That opened up space for players like Gareth Bale and Aaron Lennon but the concentration and partnerships all over the park helped us to stop Spurs from having a say on the ball.

"To have that belief and that arrogance to go anywhere and be yourself makes you very proud of the team. We have that winning mentality now and I'm proud of the team."

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