05/04 2014St MirrenH- MotherwellSPFLW 3-2Started20541100
29/03 2014St MirrenA- Inverness CTSPFLD 2-2Started01201100
25/03 2014St MirrenH- St JohnstoneSPFLL 0-1Started00105310
22/03 2014St MirrenA- CelticSPFLL 3-0Off 59 min00000000
15/03 2014St MirrenA- Dundee UtdSPFLL 3-2Started10520000
01/03 2014St MirrenH- KilmarnockSPFLW 2-0Started00110100
22/02 2014St MirrenA- Ross CountySPFLL 2-1Started00002000
15/02 2014St MirrenH- AberdeenSPFLL 0-1Started00101300
09/02 2014St MirrenA- Dundee UtdSFACL 2-1Started00000010
02/02 2014St MirrenA- CelticSPFLL 1-0Off 69 min00000100
29/01 2014St MirrenA- HeartsSPFLL 2-1Started10303200
25/01 2014St MirrenH- PartickSPFLD 0-0Started00001100
18/01 2014St MirrenA- HibernianSPFLW 2-3Started10001200
11/01 2014St MirrenA- St JohnstoneSPFLL 2-0Started00102300
05/01 2014St MirrenH- CelticSPFLL 0-4Off 76 min00002100
02/01 2014St MirrenA- KilmarnockSPFLL 2-1Off 84 min01111200
29/12 2013St MirrenH- HeartsSPFLD 1-1Started10100300
26/12 2013St MirrenH- Dundee UtdSPFLW 4-1Started20300010
21/12 2013St MirrenA- MotherwellSPFLL 3-0Started00202100
14/12 2013St MirrenA- AberdeenSPFLL 2-0Started00000100
10/12 2013St MirrenH- Queen of S'tSFACW 3-0Off 85 min10000000
07/12 2013St MirrenH- Inverness CTSPFLD 0-0Started00433100
30/11 2013St MirrenA- Queen of S'tSFACD 2-2Started10000000
23/11 2013St MirrenH- HibernianSPFLD 0-0Started00310000
17/11 2013St MirrenH- Ross CountySPFLW 2-1Started01422200
09/11 2013St MirrenA- PartickSPFLW 0-3Started20002100
26/10 2013St MirrenA- Dundee UtdSPFLL 4-0Started00102000
19/10 2013St MirrenH- St JohnstoneSPFLW 4-3Started10002100
05/10 2013St MirrenA- HeartsSPFLW 0-2Started00301000
30/09 2013St MirrenH- AberdeenSPFLD 1-1Off 88 min10003200
21/09 2013St MirrenA- HibernianSPFLL 2-0Started00001100
14/09 2013St MirrenH- MotherwellSPFLL 0-1Started00200200
31/08 2013St MirrenH- PartickSPFLL 1-2Started00110100
27/08 2013St MirrenA- Queen of S'tLCL 2-1Started10000000
24/08 2013St MirrenA- Ross CountySPFLL 3-0Started00222210
17/08 2013St MirrenH- KilmarnockSPFLD 1-1Started00224300
03/08 2013St MirrenA- Inverness CTSPFLL 3-0Started00000010
2013/14 Season TotalsStarts: 37  •  Sub: 01534819444250

G: Goals, A: Assists, SH: Shots, SG: Shots on goal, YC: Yellow Cards, RC: Red Cards, FC: Fouls Commited, FS: Fouls Suffered, SV: Saves, OF: Offsides