Ronaldo Steps Up

10 Photos
  • Legends at work

    Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Cristiano Ronaldo rightly absorbed much of the pre-match hype for Sweden's trip to Portugal.

    Head first

    Ronaldo got ahead of a sluggish Martin Olsson to head home the winner.

    Deja vu

    Many Portugal players and fans would have envisaged the moment Ronaldo's team-mates celebrated him scoring.

    Ro the Man

    Roman Zozulya's goal gave Ukraine the lead against France.

  • One giant leap

    Ukraine players celebrated as they took a big step towards the World Cup with victory over France.

    Les Miserables

    Olivier Giroud and Samir Nasri look disheartened after Ukraine's goal.

    Worth the Kost

    Kostas Mitroglou celebrates putting Greece 1-0 up against Romania.

    Pegged back

    Romania's Borgan Stancu celebrates his equaliser against Greece. The celebrations would not last long, however.

  • Two good

    Mitroglou added his second and secured a sizeable advantage for Greece.

    Frozen shut

    Luka Modric and co. found Iceland's defence impenetrable.