Hazard warning

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  • Snow man

    Swansea's staff clear up the snow pre-game as they prepare to face Chelsea

    Hazard warning

    Chelsea's Eden Hazard gets his marching orders as he clashed with a ballboy and kicked him in the rib

    Bawling ballboy

    The ballboy who was kicked by Chelsea's Eden Hazard is helped off the pitch.

    Swan song

    Swansea celebrate going through to the final, as they held out for a 0-0 draw which put them at Wembley

  • Aston Villa's Christian Benteke opened the scoring against Bradford with a powerful header

    Well done Hanson

    James Hanson's header restored Bradford's two-goal advantage on aggregate

    Poor Paul

    Paul Lambert could not watched as his side could not grab the extra goal they needed

    Bantam weight

    Bradford City celebrate their famous victory as they lost 2-1 on the night, but progressed to the final