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Lampard backs poppy decision

November 11, 2011

Stand-in skipper Frank Lampard admitted the England team may have been forced to discuss the possibility of taking a stand over the poppy row had no agreement been reached with FIFA about the wearing of the remembrance emblem.

Frank Lampard will captain England against Spain on Saturday
GettyImagesFrank Lampard will captain England against Spain on Saturday

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Lampard believes England would have been "letting down'' the military if they did not display the poppy in tomorrow's friendly international against Spain at Wembley ahead of Remembrance Sunday. A compromise was eventually reached, with the England players now able to wear the emblem on their black armbands.

But Lampard was clearly in the mood to have considered taking the matter further if no such agreement with FIFA had been struck.

"It is a huge thing for us, the Football Association and everyone," Lampard said. "You've got to give a lot of credit to the people who have pushed to make it happen.

"As players we do a lot of work with the military boys and, if we were to be running out and not showing our respects, we would be letting them down It is something the players felt very strongly about. Fortunately enough we reported yesterday and the decision was made.

"I think we would have sat down and had a good think about it because I know how proud we are to play and what an important day Remembrance Day is. We are very pleased it has got to where it has got.''

When asked if he would have considered defying the FIFA ban, Lampard said: "I wouldn't say I would have considered defying the ban but we would have sat down and said 'this is how important this is to us'.

"I'm very proud of the freedoms we have and why we have got them. To live the life we live, is due to the people who fought and died in wars. We should never forget that."