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Subotic: Kyrgiakos apology not enough

November 9, 2011

Borussia Dortmund defender Neven Subotic has refused to accept an apology from Sotirios Kyrgiakos after the Wolfsburg defender elbowed him in the face during last Saturday's Bundesliga match between the two sides.

Neven Subotic
GettyImagesNeven Subotic joined Dortmund from Mainz in 2008

Subotic was left with multiple face fractures after the aerial challenge in which he was caught in the face by the Wolfsburg defender, and is facing a lengthy spell on the sidelines after requiring surgery on his injuries.

Kyrgiakos publicly apologised after the incident and sent Subotic a text message, but the Dortmund defender says that is not enough.

"I think you cannot just say sorry by text message after something like that,'' he told the Bild newspaper.

"I am carrying all the consequences. All I want to say is that it was totally unnecessary of him to reach out backwards with his elbow. He has got to be aware of what can happen.''

The Serbian carried on playing for three minutes after the clash, but a look in the mirror at half-time was enough to convince him that he had more than just a bloody nose.

"I first thought that it was just a bit of blood and once the wound had been dressed and the nose blocked, I could carry on,'' he explained. "But then the doctor showed me at half-time that there was no use (continuing).

"He took me into his room and placed me in front of the mirror. It was clear to me then that I really had to come off.''

Subotic posted a picture of his face on Facebook after undergoing surgery and says he is just relieved the injury was not any worse.

He said: "I have three plates in my face and as macabre as it may sound, it is only a triple fracture - I was actually lucky that nothing bad happened to my eye.''