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Holloway blasts FA over fines

March 19, 2011
By ESPNsoccernet staff

A furious Ian Holloway has insisted the Football Association need to show more social responsibility and not hoard disciplinary fines for themselves.

Ian Holloway
GettyImagesBlackpool boss Ian Holloway

Holloway believes Sir Alex Ferguson's £30,000 fine for criticising referee Martin Atkinson should have been given to the Japan earthquake appeal, while he was angry that Blackpool's fine for fielding a weakend side against Aston Villa could not be paid to former youth team coach Gary Parkinson.

Parkinson is now paralysed with 'locked-in syndrome', one of the after effects of his recent stroke. Holloway thinks the FA should more humility by giving the £25,000 to a worthy recipient rather than keeping the cash for themselves.

"What do the FA need the money for, and what right have they got to it, anyway?" he said. "Why can't they help the rest of the world, for a change, and do something useful with it?

"You don't mind quite so much if it goes towards a charity, and when you think of what is happening to so many people in Japan at the moment, it could easily have gone there.

"When we were fined, I got the club to ask the FA if they could give the money to Gary Parkinson and his wife. That's where I wanted it to go, but we didn't even get a reply."