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SFA to increase payments

December 15, 2010

Scottish clubs were handed an early Christmas present when the Scottish Football Association announced they would making an extra £500,000 available for handouts.

Arctic weather conditions have decimated the card in recent weeks, denying clubs income from home games, but the financial blow is to be softened by the SFA who have sanctioned a 50% increase in discretionary payments.

Stewart Regan, Scottish FA chief executive, said: ''The board has recognised the difficulties clubs are facing in a harsh financial climate. That situation has not been helped by the recent postponements of fixtures caused by adverse weather conditions.

''We feel that this gesture, at this time of year, will show our member clubs that we are committed to them and their ongoing prosperity.

''Moving forward, considerable work has been undertaken on our performance strategy and, to that end, it is our intention to initiate a series of performance-related incentives to reward positive behaviours at all levels of the game.''