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Ales suspend coach Estevana ahead of sacking

September 17, 2010

Arles have handed coach Michel Estevan a five-day suspension following the club's disastrous start to their debut Ligue 1 campaign.

Michel Estevan is on his way out
GettyImages / BertrandLangloisMichel Estevan is on his way out

Arles suffered their fifth straight defeat as they went down 4-0 at Paris St-Germain last weekend. And club president Marcel Salerno has acted ahead of Saturday's match against reigning champions Marseille, with the temporary measure reportedly expected to become permanent next week.

"It's the media and Michel Estevan who have pushed me into this,'' said Salerno on "In companies, bosses get rid of their senior staff, it's nothing revolutionary.''

Estevan, who parted company with the club in the the summer before being reinstated three days later, has guided the side to four promotions in five seasons, and claimed he did not want to leave.

"When you're in a club that you've put together, that you live just 15 kilometres away from, a club where your whole family is, a club into which you've given everything, can you for a moment imagine that I would want to leave?'' said Estevan.

"I've never wanted to leave. Arles is my club. I've played there, I've coached there, I'm from here. Not everyone can say that.''