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Van Gaal slams Blatter over technology delay

August 9, 2010

Bayern Munich coach Louis van Gaal has criticised FIFA president Sepp Blatter for not opening up to the use of technology in football.

Sepp Blatter: Under fire once again
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Van Gaal has long been a fan of using technology to clear up borderline decisions and he would like to see its introduction to avoid a repeat of the controversies at the World Cup. However, he fears video replays and other methods of taking human error out of football will never be employed as long as Blatter is at the helm of FIFA.

"It is incredible - Blatter said at the World Cup that the issue would be on the table and now it has disappeared again,'' he told kicker. "That is his strategy, but it is not fair play.''

Van Gaal has called for an overhaul at FIFA to bring the federation in line with modern football and he wants the names of the eight members of their international board to be revealed.

"He is old-fashioned,'' he added. "It is a commission full of old men. It is not transparent. We don't know which men are behind it. In a world of transparency, we really should know this.''