the big kick-off

Rovers ready to give Man City a good kicking

August 14, 2009
By Soccernet staff

David Dunn has cranked up the pressure on Manchester City ahead of the opening weekend of the Premier League season by claiming Blackburn will look to "kick lumps" out of the opposition.

David Dunn: Words of warning
GettyImages / CliveBrunskillDavid Dunn: Words of warning

Much is expected of Mark Hughes' side this season as their summer spending moves towards £100m. But the Rovers midfielder has insisted they will show no undue respect and will make sure City know they are in a game - but within the rules.

"It's important we do our best and kick lumps out of them - fairly of course,'' he told the Daily Star.

"We have to be very strong and organised and the main thing is we will have to be really aggressive against them and knock them about a bit. That's what the manager will be asking from our lads. We have to make Ewood Park a place no-one wants to come to again.

Dunn added: "I think it is a good time to play City. Unfortunately we don't have the same resources. But what we do have is an even level on that pitch and as soon as the lads cross the white line the money doesn't really matter. It's about how much you want it.''