striker's contract to be terminated?

Inter and troubled striker Adriano set to part ways

April 22, 2009

Brazil striker Adriano could have his contract with Inter Milan terminated within the next 24 hours.

Two weeks ago, the 27-year-old failed to return to Italy following international duty, and announced he was taking a leave of absence as he had ''lost the joy of playing''.

He insisted he did not want to return to Italy to play, and his agent Gilmar Rinaldi confirmed he would seek to cancel his contract.

Today, Rinaldi told GloboEsporte that could happen imminently.

''Today we'll have some news, maybe by the end of the day,'' he said. ''I am sorting out some things on this and I might fly to Italy tomorrow.''

According to reports in Italy, Inter will insist on a clause that would require their permission before Adriano signs with another club.

Without that clause, the club would insist on compensation for Adriano breaking his contract.