Mendoza handed one-year ban for doping

February 14, 2009

Honduras international Sergio Mendoza has been given a one-year ban for testing positive for doping, FIFA have announced.

The Olimpia used a cream on his lips which contained the steroid clostebol before the World Cup qualifying clash last October.

"We are very sorry for Sergio but it is important to admit that he used a substance forbidden by FIFA and he has to be sanctioned," said Giselle Torres, director of the Honduras FA's anti-doping committee.

The ban is retroactive from January 9 but Mondoza has confirmed he will appeal against the length of the suspension.

"I made an involuntary mistake as I didn't realise then that the cream was forbidden," Mendoza said. "I was honest with FIFA. They asked me everything and I told them the truth.

"FIFA gave me the chance to appeal their decision with the aim of reducing the ban to six months. I have 10 days to gather all the information requested and send a report to FIFA in Switzerland."