Paraguay apertura

Paraguay postpone fixtures after bus crash

February 3, 2009

The Paraguayan Football Association have postponed this weekend's Apertura fixtures because of the deaths of a Club 2 de Mayo player and a club official on Saturday.

Defender Mariano Gimenez and Loreto Milciades Lara were killed when the team bus got a puncture and overturned on its way back to the city of Pedro Juan Caballero.

Four other players - Domingo Martinez, Pablo Villamayor, Cristian Barinaga and Fabio Dos Santos - could miss the entire season because of the injuries they sustained.

The APF have postponed all fixtures until February 13. Club 2 de Mayo have been allowed to postpone their two opening rounds of the competition.

In another tragedy in Paraguay at the weekend, part of the Estadio Defensores del Chaco collapsed during a third-division match, killing two policeman and injuring five others.