fight breaks out

Jordan and Singapore battle with broomsticks

January 29, 2009

Jordanian soccer players attacked their Singaporean counterparts with bottles and broomsticks after losing an Asian Cup qualifier on Wednesday, Singaporean newspapers reported on Thursday.

A Reuters witness at Singapore's national stadium heard loud shouts for police assistance moments after both teams had walked into a tunnel leading to their changing rooms, and saw police rushing into the tunnel.

"The Jordanians attacked with whatever they could find, like broomsticks, plastic bottles, dustbins and even a metal electric fan," the Straits Times paper quoted Singapore's team manager Eugene Loo as saying, after he witnessed the minute-long brawl.

The punch-up followed a tense game that Singapore won 2-1, which revitalised the city-state's Asian Cup qualification campaign. The teams were escorted out of their changing rooms and into their buses separately afterwards, a Reuters witness said.

"I'm disappointed that the Jordanians resorted to violent behaviour. We were only walking back to our dressing room to celebrate our victory when they rushed out to whack us - they were totally crazy," the Straits Times quoted Singaporean midfielder Mustafic Fahrudin as saying.

Singapore, known for its lack of violence, also saw rare crowd trouble in the Asian Football Federation Cup semi-final match last month when Singaporean and Vietnamese fans clashed.