Honest Capello inspires James

September 14, 2008

England goalkeeper David James insists the national team can finally deliver on their potential thanks to straight-talking manager Fabio Capello.

Capello's side are on a high after comfortably beating Croatia in Zagreb in Wednesday's World Cup qualifier, when Theo Walcott scored a superb hat-trick, a stark improvement after England's failure to reach Euro 2008 under Steve McClaren.

James highlighted Capello's no-nonsense demeanour as a key factor in the players' renewed confidence.

The Portsmouth goalkeeper wrote in the Observer: "He does not keep favourites, he just chooses the team he thinks will win.

"This is what I am most impressed with about our manager - his honesty. He says what he feels.

"He says it to us, and then he says the same to the media. He's prepared to put his view on the line. In the past we have had managers who have muddled communication.

"With Mr Capello you know exactly what you're dealing with down to the smallest detail."

James added: "We are all feeling very positive right now, but it's still just two games into qualifying.

"I don't think for a minute the manager would allow us to get ahead of ourselves, and I don't think we would either. We've beaten a decent side well, but the usual hurdles and banana skins are still there.

"The difference this time around is the manager.

"There's a new approach to the way we're going to play and it's a good one. I genuinely think England are going to do well and I want to be part of it. There's a new injection, a new feeling in the camp, and I like it."