Capello defends tactics of England escape

August 21, 2008
By Soccernet staff

Fabio Capello was forced to go on the defensive as England scraped a draw against the Czech Republic amid accusations of poor tactics.

Working as a pundit on English TV, Portsmouth boss Harry Redknapp criticised Capello for using Steven Gerrard on the left flank, saying: 'I think we're killing him. Liverpool play on Saturday at home (against Middlesbrough). You'll see a man there who will run the game.'

But Capello denied that the Liverpool captain had been assigned a left midfield role. 'He (Gerrard) did not play left, so you have to explain that,' he said. 'We played 4-3-2-1; Defoe, Gerrard and Rooney, then three midfielders.

'In that position you have to play between the lines of the full-backs and midfield.

'I decided before the game that Rooney and Gerrard, they had only played one game, will play this for an hour.'