Sir Alex scoffs at calls for foreign player quotas

August 8, 2008

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has dismissed calls for a foreign player quota to be imposed in the Premier League.

England's failure to qualify for Euro 2008 prompted what Ferguson describes as 'hysteria' and a long-running inquest into their dismal campaign, with many commentators claiming a lack of English talent has been caused by the number of foreign players employed by teams.

But the Scot said: 'There has been some criticism in the media of the Premier League with a call for quotas to guarantee English players starting places in teams.

'I did not start the final of the Champions League with six Englishmen because I was making a political statement. I did it because they're good enough to win the European Cup.'

He added: 'It is nonsense to say that England does not have players capable of competing on the international stage.

'The hysteria surrounding England's non-qualification for Euro 2008 does not create the right atmosphere for good decision-making.'