South Korea's Gwangju hit by food poisoning

April 1, 2008

SEOUL, April 1 (Reuters) - A South Korean soccer team has been hit by food poisoning after eating a tainted beef dish at a club dinner, forcing their match to be postponed.

Players from Gwangju Sangmu were sickened after eating a Korean dish of raw beef mixed with rice at a famous restaurant in their home city, an official from Korea's professional soccer league said by telephone on Tuesday.

'This is the first time an incident like this has caused a delay in games,' a K-League official said.

The squad was suffering from nausea, with three members being particularly hard hit.

The postponed match with Daegu FC has yet to be rearranged.

Gwangju, which had been on a four-game winning streak, are sixth in the 14-team K-League.