Nani: No showboating after Fergie dressing-down

February 23, 2008

Manchester United winger Nani has revealed that a stern word from manager Sir Alex Ferguson was enough to persuade him not to repeat his on-field juggling antics.

The 21-year-old provoked the fury of several Arsenal players, as well as Ferguson, when he indulged in some `kick-ups' towards the end of last weekend's 4-0 FA Cup thrashing of the Gunners at Old Trafford.

Nani insists he was not being disrespectful and was merely trying to entertain - but has also vowed not to repeat the trick.

'In Portugal I have done this many times but it is only because it is an entertaining spectacle and not because I disrespect my rivals,' he told the Daily Mail.

'I am a professional and am always very respectful with all the opposing players, but I do appreciate now that it may have looked bad.

'After the match Ferguson spoke to me and demanded that I do not repeat it in order to avoid problems.

'Obviously, I agreed. I always follow the orders of my coach and am not interested in causing controversy.'

The Portugal winger added: 'Gilberto Silva of Arsenal spoke to me and was clear about what their players thought about it. He was very critical of what I did and accused me of provoking Arsenal. But he never threatened me.

'On the field I am different from most players. My celebrations of goals with a somersault is an example. This is my character as a footballer.'