Charlton unveil new ticket-pricing scheme

March 5, 2007

Charlton are the latest Premiership club to announce a new ticket-pricing scheme, which could see some supporters receive free season tickets for the 2008-09 campaign.

Supporters who renew their tickets for next season on or before April 30 - with the club's top-flight status currently in the balance - will not have to pay for the following season if the Addicks are relegated in May but bounce back immediately with promotion next term.

Fans who renew at a set price for next season regardless of whether their side avoid relegation this term will therefore be rewarded for their loyalty in the event of relegation and subsequent promotion.

The club have announced next season's prices will be reduced to between £265 and £475 for adults, £125 for under-18s and £99 for under-11s.

Charlton plc chairman Richard Murray told the club's website: 'We believe we already offer the most progressive pricing strategy in the Premiership, and this year we are able to offer reductions of up to 13.6% on adult prices and up to 37.5% on under-18 prices on some of last year's prices.

'It is a reward to our fans for their magnificent support in what has been an exceptionally difficult campaign, and by renewing early they will help us to plan for next season.'

The Addicks also announced prices for next season are likely to be higher for later applicants and will not be further discounted.

Murray added: 'If we are relegated that support will be more vital than ever and we will do everything we can to regain Premiership status, and that is the reason for us taking the unprecedented step of offering a free season ticket for 2008/09 if we are promoted at the first attempt, as we were in 1999/2000.

'Both Alan Pardew and myself are very confident we have a great chance to stay in the Premiership this season, and if we do so then fans who back the club and commit to a season ticket before the end of April will receive a more favourable price for the most entertaining league in the world next season.

'We believe that some of the increase in television revenue for Premiership clubs next season should be passed on to fans, which is the primary reason for the reductions. But we have to take everything into account when we plan for the future and this offer represents exceptional value for money whatever division we are in next season.'