Caborn calls on Premiership clubs to cut prices

January 27, 2007

Sports minister Richard Caborn has called on Premiership clubs to reduce their ticket prices.

With clubs set to benefit from next season's increased TV money, Caborn has urged them to emulate Blackburn who have pledged to use some of the £2.7billion television deal to cut the costs of tickets at Ewood Park.

Caborn told the Daily Mirror: 'I urge other clubs to follow Blackburn's lead and put fans and the community at the heart of the club.'

The Sheffield United supporter believes that with next season's Premiership winners set to receive around £50million and the bottom club approximately £30million, it presents an opportunity to focus on prices.

'The new TV deal is a great opportunity to address ticket prices with billions of pounds being pumped into football,' Caborn added. 'The money shouldn't just go into the pockets of players and agents.

'That is why I applaud Blackburn's decision to use money from TV income to slash their ticket prices.'