Fining Chelsea is pointless - UEFA chief

November 5, 2006

UEFA president Lennart Johansson admits fining Chelsea is a waste of time and wants a more severe punishment to be made available when mega-rich clubs fall out of line.

The Premiership champions are likely to have to pay up after picking up six yellow cards in Tuesday's stormy 2-2 Champions League draw with Barcelona.

Competition rules state there is an automatic fine for five or more bookings in one game but Johansson acknowledges this will be no deterrent to the mega-rich Blues.

'I do not believe in fines when Chelsea have the money they have to pay it. It must be judged differently,' Johansson said in the Sunday Mirror.

'It's like any crime - when it happens the first time you are treated in a fairly decent way but, if you repeat the crime, sentencing is much tougher.

'Sometimes we are not severe enough.'