Jose wants to write himself into Chelsea history

July 27, 2006

Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho has revealed his intention to leave a lasting legacy at Stamford Bridge before he eventually leaves the current Premiership champions.

GettyImages / RichardHeathcoteJose Mourinho: Wants legacy.

Mourinho has won back-to-back domestic titles since his arrival from Porto in 2004 as Claudio Ranieri's successor, and he has targeted 'three or four' more in the next five years to secure his place in the club's history.

In an extract from the new edition of 'Chelsea FC: The Official Biography', published in The Guardian, the Portuguese said: 'I always think about the future, you know. I mean I'm in the history. I'm very proud to be in that history, but I want more things: more things for me, more things for Chelsea and one day more things for me not in Chelsea.

'I hope in 60 years' time - so I hope I go to 100 - when I'm dead, Chelsea supporters will remember this guy was the coach.'

He added: 'In England, people go a lot for the history and they remember Newcastle when Man United did it, and they remember Man United when they are second in December, they finish first.

'But history is to be changed. Because of the second title, we are not a Blackburn that was champion once, isolated, and after that is miles and miles away from it.

'Chelsea is not any more an isolated situation. It's back-to-back. And if, in the next five years, we can be three or four times champion, definitely that's an era where Chelsea has become very powerful.'