Jay-Jay: Refs should crack down on Drogba

April 14, 2006

Jay-Jay Okocha has called on referee Phil Dowd to clamp down on Didier Drogba when Chelsea visit Bolton on Saturday.

The Ivory Coast striker has found himself in the spotlight recently after being accused of diving by the likes of West Brom boss Bryan Robson.

Now the Nigeria forward has insisted Drogba deserves the criticism which has come his way.

Okocha said: 'Drogba has been criticised quite a bit in the last few weeks and rightly so.

'Let's just say he has been a bit tricky in the games I have watched. And if something similar happens in the game against us that helps Chelsea, then I will be upset with the referee not spotting it.

'People just don't want to pay to see players diving around.'