Swindon put an end to Big Ron doco

February 5, 2006

Swindon manager Iffy Onuora has confirmed the club have ended their alliance with Ron Atkinson.

The former Manchester United boss was commissioned by a TV company to report on the club's struggle to stay in League One.

The partnership was questioned given Atkinson was sacked as an ITV pundit for making a racist remark and that Onuora is one of the few black managers in the league.

Onuora told Radio Five Live's Sportsweek programme: 'I was interested to know (about that) and being a new manager I was willing to see what I could learn.

'But we never had the opportunity from the off to build up any relationship.

'We once spoke on the way to Swansea and had a long chat. But the cameras were rolling and I felt it was a little bit contrived.

'I don't know him now any more than I did before.'

Onuora added: 'I went in with an open mind but the TV people wanted a bit more access than I felt I was able to give in our situation.

'Everyone took the point of view it just was not working.'