Holloway claims FA 'don't give a hoot' about bungs

January 23, 2006

QPR manager Ian Holloway has claimed the Football Association 'don't give a hoot' about his evidence of bungs.

Holloway spoke to FA officials on Friday after claiming he was offered a cash incentive to push through a free transfer of a South American player.

However, he was not convinced his suggestions on how to eradicate the problem from the game were taken seriously by the FA.

'I can't tell the FA or FIFA what to do because I'm only a little bloke from Bristol,' Holloway told the Daily Mirror.

'I really don't think the FA give a flying hoot what I think. Do you think they will listen to a little bloke like me?

'They won't say `Oh, Ian Holloway's come up with a good idea, that's how we can solve the problem.'

'I would make it illegal for any club to pay a player's agent. The contract would be between the player and agent. If that was set in stone no-one could cheat.'