Brazil may change calendar to follow European season

January 3, 2006

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil --- Brazil are considering moving their domestic season next year to match the major European leagues.

"It could be that in 2007 the Brazilian calendar will be adapted to fall in line with the European one," Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) technical director Virgilio Elisio told reporters on Monday.

"We've done a preliminary study and we're ready to start working."

Brazil's marathon season now starts in mid-January and runs until early December.

It begins with regional competitions which are held until mid-April and followed by the 20-team Brazilian championship.

A nationwide knockout competition, the Copa Brasil, also takes place in the first half of the year.

The Brazilian championship has in recent years suffered a mass exodus of top players early in the competition as they are snapped up by foreign clubs during the European close season in June and July.

Bolivia and Uruguay adapted their seasons last year to fall in line with Europe, joining Argentina and Venezuela, whose seasons run from August to June.

Paraguay, Peru, Ecuador, Chile and Colombia all follow the calendar year as does the South American Football Confederation (CSF).

Brazil are the world champions.