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FIFA gives green light to turbans

June 15, 2013
By ESPN staff

FIFA has adjudicated that male head covers such as turbans are acceptable to wear during matches.

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AssociatedFIFA have made a ruling on male headwear

An uproar was caused in the Canada this week as the provincial governing body of Quebec banned the wearing of religious headwear.

However, FIFA clarified the rule, stating a male footballer can wear a head cover provided it is the same colour as the team jersey, has a "professional appearance,'' is not connected to the jersye and doesn't "pose any danger.''

The ruling from world football's governing body came four days after the Canadian Soccer Association suspended the Quebec Soccer Federation [QSA] over the issue.

The QSA said they welcomed the clarification "with enthusiasm and relief" and will make a final statement on the issue in a press conference on Saturday.