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Eriksson lands 1860 Munich role

January 15, 2013
By Stephan Uersfeld, Germany Correspodnent

Bundesliga second division side TSV 1860 Munich have announced that Sven-Goran Eriksson has joined the club's coaching staff.

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PA PhotosEriksson will reveal soon whether he is to return to coaching

The former England manager will assist the side's current boss Alexander Schmidt after a decision was made on his appointment during the early hours of Tuesday morning.

"It was positive and good night for 1860," 1860 director of board Otto Steiner told some 20 journalists who had been waiting outside the club's office at 3am on Tuesday morning.

"The board agrees that Sven-Goran Eriksson joins the 1860 coaching staff. Alexander Schmidt will remain the boss."

Steiner explained that over the next few days talks with the Swede and 1860 coach Schmidt will continue to determine his responsibilities.

The appointment of Eriksson is a result of a long power struggle between the 2. Bundesliga club and the Jordanian investor Hasan Ismaik.

The parties were not able to agree on the club's future. The club refused to commit to new borrowings to secure the their return to the top flight, while Ismaik offered finances to bring in a new coach and new players.

The board had considered a compromise suggested by Ismaik and passed this without a dissenting vote, Steiner explained.It is reported that the compromise included the name of Eriksson, who was seen at 1860 Munich games as early as November 2012.

Ismaik recently attacked 1860 president Dieter Schneider in a tabloid interview. "Why should an old man like Schneider stick to being president?" Ismaik had asked.

"The only possible answer is personal interests and his need for publicity." Ismaik had accused the official of destroying the club through poor management decisions. He also threatened to withdraw his funds.