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Rummenigge calls for Ribery red card justice

December 19, 2012
By Stephan Uersfeld, Germany Correspondent

Bayern Munich director Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has demanded Franck Ribery's red card be overturned, after the France international was sent off during the 2-0 DFB Pokal win against Augsburg on Tuesday.

The decision to send off Franck Ribery against Augsburg was acceptable, according to Bayern Munich boss Jupp Heynckes.
GettyImagesThe decision to send off Franck Ribery against Augsburg was acceptable, according to Bayern Munich boss Jupp Heynckes.

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Ribery slapped Augsburg's Ja-Cheol Koo in the face early in the second half following provocation from the South Korean international midfielder but Rummenigge compared the decision to Marcel Schmelzer's sending off for Dortmund against Wolfsburg.

After dismissing Schmelzer for handling the ball referee Wolfgang Stark admitted post-match that he had made a mistake and the Dortmund defender's suspension was scrapped.

"I hope DFB thinks about this as well. Equal rights for everyone," Rummenigge said. Bayern general manager Matthias Sammer echoed the sentiment, saying: "It was no red card to me. From the first second it was clear what the opponent was trying to do. That it was achieved in the end, we have to hold against us"

Rummenigge and Sammer's tirade against referee Thorsten Kinhofer didn't stop there. Seconds before half time Anatolyi Tymoshchuk fired a 38-yard shot at the Augsburg goal which struck the crossbar before crossing the goal line.

"This was the problem," Rummenigge continued. "If we are two up at half time the game is over. It is not easy when you play ten against 12. He disallowed a clear goal and gave a red card that was no red card. With all the cards today he could drape the Christmas tree and the red card on top."

Matthias Sammer, also in festive spirits, added: "It was a bit like Christmas for Augsburg"

However, Bayern boss Jupp Heynckes admonished Ribery claiming a Bayern player had to stay cool in pressure situations and "get back to business as usual."

"Franck was provoked, no doubt about that," he said. "But I think the red card was acceptable."

Heynckes also refused to blame the referee for the disallowed goal adding the fourth official needed a monitor to aid them in the decision-making process. "I will not live to see that day," Heynckes smiled.