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Former Bundesliga referee Amerell found dead

December 12, 2012
By Stephan Uersfeld, Germany Correspondent

Former Bundesliga referee Manfred Amerell was found dead in his Munich home on Tuesday, local police confirmed.

PA PhotosAmerell was forced to resign in 2010

His body was found in his Munich home on Tuesday. In a first statement on Wednesday local police ruled out suicide or third-party responsibility. An autopsy to establish clarity over the cause of death is set for Wednesday afternoon.

Amerell, 65, started his career in 1984 and retired a decade later. After his on-pitch career ended Amerell worked for the German FA and became spokesman for referees in Germany, who number more than 80,000.

In 2010 he was forced to resign after he was accused of sexually harassing young FIFA referee Michael Kempter. Amerell unsuccessfully sued the German FA and its president, Theo Zwnaziger, over the accusations.

Amerell was subsequently forced to resign, parted company with his wife and relocated to his Munich home.

In April, Amerell said: "My quality of living is virtually zero. And it cannot be corrected until my death."

He was known as one of the best Bundesliga referees of his time, never shy of making controversial remarks.

"Seldom, a referee is so bad that you are able to say: Damn, even a blind man without a dog would see that," he once commented. "Still the referee is always blamed, even if he did everything right. That's the nature of the job."