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Mourinho does not want to replace Fergie

October 1, 2012
By ESPN staff

Jose Mourinho has stated that he plans to return to English football - but not as Manchester United manager - as he hopes to go toe to toe with his old foe, Sir Alex Ferguson, one more time.

Jose Mourinho
PA PhotosJose Mourinho is hoping to succeed on a tough road trip to Mallorca

Real Madrid boss Mourinho has long been touted as the favourite to replace Ferguson when he eventually steps down at Old Trafford.

And the 'Special One' has always made it clear he has unfinished business in England, following his spell at Chelsea, and plans to make it the destination of his next assignment.

However, the former Porto and Inter Milan manager has revealed he wants to make his English comeback anywhere but United, as he hopes Ferguson will still be around at the club for his return.

"I think football will lose a lot when he stops," he told CNN. "For me, he's the boss. I call him the boss because he's the boss of the coaches and I hope that when I go back to English football he still manages Man United.''

Mourinho has also been rumoured to takeover at one of Manchester City, Tottenham and former club Chelsea over the years.

Yet the two-time Champions League winner would prefer to focus on his job at Madrid rather than speculate about the next club he is likely to join - although he knows it will be an English one.

"I don't think about that, especially because I have a four-year contract with Real," he said. "I signed it and when I signed it I signed it because I wanted to be in Real Madrid in this period of my career and I don't think in another club.

"I just say openly that for many reasons after this project, the next step will be England for many reasons, but when? I don't know, I don't have an idea and I am so happy to be in this moment as manager of the best club in the world.''

Due to a combination of both his tremendous success, as well as his huge personality, Mourinho has become arguably the most famous football manager in the world.

But the Portuguese coach admits that the price of fame has come at a cost and that he hates his personal life and the public scrutiny that comes with it.

"If I could be a manager, a football manager, and the moment I leave the club or the moment the match finished, if I could switch off a light and become a person that nobody knows, I would do it," he added. "Because I hate my social life. I hate not to be a normal father who goes with his son to the son's football match and being there with the other 20 fathers watching the match.

"I am in a football match of kids 10-12 years old and I have to be there, the people have to come for photos, the people have to come for autographs, the people have to come to insult me, the people have to go behind the goal of my kid and insult my kid of 12 years old. I would love to be with my family in the street as a normal person and I can't, so I am a completely different person in my private life.''