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Italian authorities agree no pay deal

August 8, 2012
By Adam Digby, Italy Correspondent

The Italian League Association and the players union have announced they have completed a new collective bargaining agreement with the most important change being the decision not to pay any player serving a suspension as part of the on-going match fixing investigation.

Serie A president Maurizio Beretta
GettyImages / PaoloBrunoSerie A president Maurizio Beretta

The Presidents of the two bodies, former Roma midfielder Damiano Tommasi and the Lega Calcio's Maurizio Beretta, signed the document on Wednesday, meaning the season will not be damaged by strike action which saw the 2011-12 season delayed as no agreement was in place.

Within the lengthy agreement is a clause allowing clubs the right not to pay their players should they be banned either for any involvement in the betting scandal or as a result of failed drugs tests, both of which were formerly not the case. Speaking at a press conference to announce the deal Beretta said: "There are innovations, but above all a commitment to renew the agreement on promotional advertising and then putting it in this collective agreement. I believe that this as a very important step towards the sustainability of Italian football and the prospect of optimizing revenue sources."

Players union representative Tommasi also spoke, telling the gathered reporters:

"There is satisfaction on both sides for the signing of this agreement which will last one year. Unlike the previous version it will not lead to problems and disputes as the league has seen the positive effect. Now there are good conditions to get the signature of a three-year contract. "We inserted a clause for the suspension of salary for players banned for illegal betting, as well as for doping. We wanted to send a signal at this difficult moment in our football."