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Vicente Del Bosque cool ahead of draw

December 5, 2013
By Eduardo Alvarez

BRAZIL -- Spain coach Vicente del Bosque has said he is not concerned by the potential of a tough World Cup draw for La Roja in Brazil on Friday.

Spain coach Vicente del Bosque has won the World Cup and the European Championship
AssociatedVicente del Bosque remains calm about Spain's prospects at the 2014 World Cup.

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Speaking to Spanish journalists in Costa de Sauipe ahead of the draw, Del Bosque also noted that the climate could also make it hard for the reigning world champions.

But he is not preoccupied with either factor, saying: "We can't fool ourselves with that type of reasoning. There is no magical draw. We won't be able to choose between tough opponents or tough weather. We just need to be ready for what will come, and it will most likely be a combination of both".

Del Bosque's main concern from now until the tournament's kick off is to ensure his team's physical shape is the best it can be, following what he predicts will be a gruelling club campaign for his players.

"We need to prepare to defend the title in the best possible manner, after a very intense season for Spanish, English, German and Italian clubs, " he added. "We have players from all those leagues in our squad, and we also hope that some of them play in the Champions League final, the last match of the calendar before the World Cup.

"That's a long season. We need to get here in June in the best possible physical conditions."

Asked about the teams he wanted to avoid, Del Bosque was quite clear -- and a bit tautological.

"I have no preferences whatsoever" he said. "I want the ones we'll get tomorrow, that's how the draw works."

Spain's manager also welcomed FIFA president Sepp Blatter’s announcement of water breaks during matches, to be determined by the referee and FIFA's on-site doctors whenever they think it's necessary.

"It makes sense" he said. "Our experience during the Confederations Cup made that clear, and I don't think that this kind of thing will break the natural flow of matches."

FIFA's decision responded, among others, to a public request made recently by Italy's coach, Cesare Prandelli.

Finally, Del Bosque remembered the hostile reception from the Brazilian public in the Confederations Cup: "Yes, it was tough, but we should not be obsessed with Brazil. We're the current Champions and like any other team have 31 rivals, not only Brazil."


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