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Jose Mourinho unhappy with Chelsea

November 5, 2013
By Miguel Delaney

Jose Mourinho has accused his Chelsea team of complacency and overconfidence as a result of their recent winning streak, saying they are "forgetting" the qualities that generated it in the first place.

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Chelsea's 2-0 defeat at St James' Park on Saturday was their first loss after six consecutive wins, and Mourinho says he felt his side thought it had become "easy".

"At half time I was telling them that they were competing more in training sessions than in that game, that the game was easy to win and they were feeling that because they had lots of space to play in the first half and they were just playing like: 'The goal will arrive. We don’t need to push, we don’t need to be aggressive, the goal will arrive'," the Chelsea manager said.

"When you go into this dynamic, it’s difficult to change, even if at half time you push and you try to wake up people.

"When you start the game and play 45 minutes with that dynamic, or if you prefer, that non-dynamic, it’s difficult to change, so I was just telling them.

"Maybe you score and you win but maybe you don’t score and you draw and if they score before you, you are in big trouble because you cannot change that dynamic and so my frustration was just the attitude.

"I want my team to be much more than it was against Newcastle so, for example, against Everton I lost and I was not so unhappy. We lost because we were not lucky. We play really, really well and we couldn’t score.

"They scored in the last minute of the first half, in the second half we [should have had] a clear penalty, that the referee didn’t give. Against Everton, I have not one single complaint. I accept it as a football match and can happen.

“This match against Newcastle, I was frustrated, because I want my team to always be active and proactive and not reactive and waiting for things to happen.

"I just simply didn’t like. I want better from my team.

"A football player is a human being and sometimes human beings make mistakes. Sometimes they have not got the best approach. Maybe the worst thing that happened to us in Newcastle was the easy start. You go there, you see lots of space, they play easily, they don’t press you, they were like a bit scared of us. You hit the post twice, you are dominant, so maybe that was the worst thing that happened to us.

"Probably if you are in trouble, and the team felt that trouble, the reaction would be different... You play three big matches before that. You play Arsenal away, you play Man City, you know you have to be in the top of your level, and you are, you are in the top of your concentration. And suddenly you get a match where you become a little bit complacent, so it’s the mistake of not just the football player. It’s the mistake of the human being.

"Before the game maybe I was also influenced by the way they grew up so fast as a team and the way they so fast could compete and play in the way they did that week.

"They also coped very, very well with the pressure when we put ourselves in a difficult position in the Champions League. After that, the players reacted so well in the pressure to go and win six crucial points.

"Good reaction to the pressure. Big matches and great performances. Good personality to play a very difficult match against City. Good personality to go to Arsenal without many of the players that normally are playing and has a personality not just to win but to play well and to be so dominant like they were so maybe I was also got by surprised.

"But the only difference is during the first half, they were not feeling, and I was feeling. That’s the only difference. So I repeat this again and again and again, not here, in every club I am. When you win a lot, you cannot forget why you win. You cannot think you win because you have a nice shirt, or you are in a good run, or in a lucky moment. When you think that, you are in trouble.

"You never can forget why you are winning matches, and maybe we forgot."

Mourinho, meanwhile dismissed the idea that his team are suffering from the club’s annual "November blip".

This period of the year has seen Chelsea's form dip, especially in the past three campaigns, which made it somewhat ominous that they lost their very first game of the month after such a fine recent spell.

However, Mourinho said: "I don’t go for the November, October, December, for me it makes no difference. I think if the game against Newcastle, instead of November, it’s the 30th of October, there is no difference on that."


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