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Jose Mourinho brushes off concerns

September 17, 2013
By Miguel Delaney

Jose Mourinho says he is completely "calm" about Chelsea's worst start to the season in the Roman Abramovich era, and that is merely part of the "process".

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The 1-0 defeat at Everton on Saturday left the Stamford Bridge side with just seven points from four games, which is their lowest haul from that amount of fixtures since 2002-03.

Mourinho even joked when a reporter put the question to him, having already asked Demba Ba the same thing just minutes beforehand.

He said: "It's the second time you've said that today. No. You look more worried than me. You've said the same thing twice in ten minutes. You think I'm deaf? Or that I don't know that before you? It's Champions League tomorrow, we start zero matches, zero points. Happy?

"It's our process," Mourinho continued. "It belongs to everybody. But, because of our nature and our DNA, and I'm speaking about myself but I want the players to feel the same way and I know the nature of the club, we want to do the process but, at the same time, we want to win.

"I'm not the kind of person to accept peacefully: 'Let's go for the process by not winning.' I don't think that's the best education or experience. We want to put ourselves under pressure -- not massive pressure. We want to have that pressure of building but, at the same time, win. We lost one match. Your colleague is right. It's the worst start in ten years.

"But it's the kind of match if we played it ten times we'd win it nine times and lose one. If we'd gone there and had a very bad match and, in the last minute, Baines had scored an own goal and we won 1-0, would we be very happy? In normal circumstances yes, but when you're trying to build something different, no. That's why I feel calm, no dramas. You can repeat what you want more times, but no problem."

Ba echoed his manager's sentiments as he also discussed his collapsed loan move to Arsenal. The forward appeared on the verge of a temporary move to the Emirates on deadline day, only for Mourinho to subsequently explain that it suited Chelsea better to send out the younger Romelu Lukaku on loan instead.

The striker explained: "I think the boss said it: he said it in the papers, and I spoke to him before. I won't tell you what we said on the phone, but I told him that if I stay I will keep fighting for the club and the flag. That's what happened. What matters is the next few months with Chelsea, that's it.

"I was ready to go and to play there, but it didn't happen and, as I think, I'm a good professional and have always worked hard to deserve what I have. And, today, I'll keep doing the same.

"I wanted to play, and I want to play. It all depends on me, and the performance I put on the pitch. If I play well, I'll deserve to play and the manager will pick me in the team. That's how it is. If I don't perform, it will be my fault."

Ba also admitted he was not fully satisfied with how he'd played at Chelsea since making the move in January.

He added: "I'd be lying if I said yes, but I'd be lying if I said no as well. I know I haven't played as well as I did when I was at Newcastle or West Ham, but I needed time to settle. I've worked hard, I keep working hard and I still believe the reward lies behind the work."


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