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Townsend: I'll learn from 'mistakes'

June 7, 2013
By ESPN staff

A 'heartbroken' Andros Townsend admits he must learn from his 'mistake' following his four month ban for breaching betting regulations.

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PA PhotosTownsend said he is 'heartbroken' not be playing at the European Under-21 Championship.

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The Tottenham winger was found to be guilty of breaching "Rule E8 (b) in relation to a number of betting offences" and was handed a sentence that was in part – three months - suspended until July 2016.

The suspended sentence is both a blessing and a curse for the 21-year-old - free to start the new Premier League season, but his 'dream' of playing at the European Under-21 Championship was ended before it even began.

"When I spoke to the FA I was fully regretful and was ready to accept the deserved punishment," he told the Sun.

"Speaking honestly, there was never anything sinister going on.

"There was no match-fixing, no betting on my team to lose, no inside information and I certainly never bet on Arsenal to finish higher than Spurs, as suggested by people on Twitter.

"There is a stain on my reputation, and deservedly so, which means I now must show everyone it was a mistake and I've learned from it."

On the European Under-21 Championship, Townsend added: "I was heartbroken."

"It was one of my top aims for the season – to be on the plane to Israel.

"Some people may think I've got off lightly but I've missed one of the world's biggest tournaments. I was fully excited to be part of it.

"It was my last chance to play for the Under-21s too and I'll never be able to get that back. It'll always serve as a permanent reminder of my stupid actions."